Our Workshop

Where the magic happens

Our factory is our pride and joy. This is where we take our designs and high quality material and turn them into beautiful fireplaces for your home. We have a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen working hard to design and develop our custom fireplaces.

We are located just off the M8 near The Showcase Cinema in Glasgow. Please feel free to come and visit our workshop and see for yourself.

Hand Built

For Quality Assurance

We build every fireplace ourselves in our Glasgow workshop. This means that we don’t resell any other companies fireplaces. We hand pick all materials. We manufacture all our own fireplaces. We are committed to providing the best possible service and quality. We are committed to producing the perfect fireplace for your home.

We make sure with our stringent quality controls throughout the manufacturing process is met to ensure every fireplace is perfect.

 See our Workshop


Visit our Showroom

We not only have our great selection of Fireplaces on show but also Falcons! Within the farm we look after Falcons and have them out during the weekend, they’ve proven a great hit so far! Keep the kinds entertained while you choose your fireplace!