Glacier Marble Fireplace

The Glacier Marble fireplace is a bold and beautiful fireplace. Marble catches the light and atmosphere of every room and in the Glacier, becomes the focus of attention. Hand built, with every element carefully cut, polished and constructed in our workshop. This example is shown off to perfection by the sensor activated downlights.

Our marble is hand-picked and we make on-site quarry visits to ensure this beautiful material comes from the highest quality stone to bring you exceptional fireplaces. All marble is inspected and cut selections made to ensure any natural veining complements the design. The sheer beauty of this material belies the toughness of this stone that has lain in the earth for millions of years.

Our Glacier Marble Fireplace can be customised to suit your needs and will accommodate both electric and gas fires.

Our Workshop

Our team of craftsmen has over 80 years of experience between them and use traditional handcrafting skills in our workshop to provide you with exceptional and beautiful fireplaces.

Every fireplace is carefully planned with every detail inspected for quality at each stage of the build. We have an intimate knowledge of our fireplaces and are able to customise every one to suit our customers’ needs.